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It takes 10,000 Little Steps to Healing

We are here for those who have been left behind without hope. Their healing and re-entry into wellness is not a straightforward journey. It takes years, with detours along the way.

Support for people in the system

STR8UP helps members, youth, and adults within the criminal justice system become healthy responsible citizens. We support through a range of services, from addictions support and healing circles to mentorship and justice advocacy.

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Gangs are a dead-end street

No matter who you are, what you have done, or where you live, if you are ready for a new life, a new life is ready for you. We all have the power to change.

“It wasn’t easy to walk away – gang life was all I knew and a part of who I am – I dropped because they were too greedy, too power-driven and had no loyalty.”

Our Impact

Our impact is evident in each life transformed and those lives impact their families and communities. We are creating a positive ripple effect in the city of Saskatoon and throughout the province of Saskatchewan.


individuals consistently assisted by STR8 UP every year


supports and services provided each year to individuals working to leave the street gang criminal lifestyle


Addiction Supports including 100 treatment referrals

Your donation helps STR8 UP continue to offer outreach services, employment, and life skills programming to hundreds of ex-gang members. We recognize that this journey is long – made up of 10,000 Little Steps – and every dollar helps to make each of these steps more manageable. Your support is crucial to our success.

Thank you

Thank you to our Partners and Donors whose support allows us to work with these individuals and be at their side along the healing journey.