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STR8 UP has been doing community presentations for over 15 years across Saskatchewan and the prairies. During this time we have delivered over 2000 presentations to students, teachers, professionals, and a variety of community groups.

Our presentations are catered to the audience, but generally include:

  • Goals & conditions of becoming a STR8 UP member
  • The role of the Medicine Wheel in the healing journey
  • An opportunity for members to share their personal experiences with and the impact of family dysfunction, poverty, addictions, and intergenerational trauma.

To book a presentation, contact our Presentation Coordinator, Stan Tu’Inukuafe at or 306-229-8853

We do our best to accommodate all requests and budgets, taking into consideration expenses in getting members to and from presentations, particularly those outside of Saskatoon. 

Workshops & Seminars

STR8 UP has developed workshops and seminars around our healing model, which we tailor to the particular group or topic we are working with.

These range from 5 min talks with church groups, unions and schools, to longer 1-2 hr sessions focusing in detail on particular topics or issues. STR8 UP always involves a member in these workshops and this individual shares his or her lived experience as it relates to the chosen topic.

STR8 UP Publications

STR8 UP has developed three books focused on community education and healing. Each of these work as community resources in order to raise awareness about the realities of street and gang lifestyles and promote healing through recovering from addictions and trauma.

STR8 UP and Gangs:
The Untold Stories (2012)

These are the true life stories of thirteen men who have chosen to share their hearts, their pain, and their grief to reach at-risk youth before they become involved in gang life. This is their way to give back to their communities.  In doing so, they not only reach the youth they seek to help, but they educate the general public and empower themselves as well. 

Brighter Days Ahead (2013)

This book is part of a larger research project that takes a look at how some Indigenous men look to street gangs as ways to express their notions of masculinity. By using photovoice, the reader is able to get a visual sense of what gang lifestyle is like. From their earliest memories to where they are today, the men featured in this book take the reader on a journey through a lifetime that many of us can only imagine and may never truly understand.

Stories of Courage: A Healing Workbook (2015)

This autobiographical workbook features the healing journeys of 29 men and women who share their personal stories of recovery. Some are ex-gang members, some have been incarcerated, ALL are on a healing journey. Through healing they become responsible citizens: working, volunteering in the community, attending school, and giving back. That’s the STR8 UP way.