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Here at STR8 UP we work with those who have been left behind without hope. Their healing and re-entry into wellness is not an event — it takes years, with detours along the way. Our impact is evident in each life transformed, and those lives impact their families and communities. We are creating a positive ripple effect in the city of Saskatoon and throughout the province of Saskatchewan. STR8 UP fundamentally believes that:

  • Communities need to work with people where they are at, not where they might believe they should be at.
  • STR8 does not walk in front to lead, behind to direct but walks beside to support
  • Transformation is accomplished through a relationship of respect, humility, honesty and forgiveness.
  • Recovering gang members must make the decision and accept the responsibility of their personal transformation.

Covid-19 has impacted the way we work here at STR8 UP. Though our offices and staff are practicing social distancing and recognizing the safety of our community is our main priority, the STR8 UP team remains on the front lines of serving the clients who rely on us for supports and guidance. As a result, we have pivoted to expand our service to the community during the pandemic by:

  • transitioning our wrap-around services for clients to a virtual environment providing online supports for mental health, substance abuse, advocacy services and more to all of the program participants every week;
  • expanding our support services to those facing early release from the Correctional facilities who may need some extra support in the community but would not normally fit our mandate.
  • providing transitional housing for up to 4 clients at a time who are struggling to find secure and safe housing and working with them while in the transitional housing to find more permanent housing opportunities
  • serving as an emergency resource in the community by helping distribute clothing, hygiene kits and food.

Thank you to our generous community of supporters, advocates and friends who support the work we do, especially during these challenging times. If you would like to help, please consider making a donation to help us continue to provide supports and services to those who rely on us.