Gang Violence Reduction Strategy- Community Intervention Model

CIM Program Info Sheet for Emailing Workers new
STR8 UP – 10,000 Little Steps to Healing Inc.

STR8 UP has partnered with the Ministry of Corrections and Policing to deliver a new project
designed for individuals who are affiliated with gangs, engaged in
high-risk lifestyles and are likely to re-offend without intervention. The Community Intervention
Model (CIM) is designed to identify 57 gang-affiliated individuals who will require access to
multiple services across government and community in
order to exit gang life, engage in education and/or employment opportunities and ultimately reduce
negative contact with the criminal justice system. If any of your clients have indicated to you
that they want to exit their gang and work towards a healthier and more stable life this may be an
appropriate opportunity for them.

• Each CIM client will have a dedicated outreach worker to provide intensive case management and
service planning support.
• The dedicated worker will help coordinate government and
community services to meet the needs of the client and help establish a service plan to achieve the
client’s goals.
• Due to the covid-19 crisis we will be contacting referred clients
through phone calls and online video calls while social distancing measures are in place.
• Clients will go through an initial screening process during the first
phase of the project and if they are one of the 57 individuals selected they will move on to more
intensive programming in the second
phase of the project.

Appropriate candidates will be clients who are scheduled for release in the next six months to a
year, or who have recently been released and need access to services in Prince Albert, Saskatoon or
surrounding areas.

Clients who desire to return to communities that are further afield are still eligible for the
project on the understanding that an initial stabilization period in Saskatoon or Prince Albert
will be required before we support them in returning home.

We welcome your referrals and ask that you use the attached referral  CIM Referral Form Fillable which
is also available for download on our website Also attached is an information sheet
to give to clients who may be interested in this initiative.
For more information please contact:
Fionncara MacEoin
Program Manager – CIM Saskatoon
STR8 UP – 10,000 Little Steps to Healing Inc.
226 Ave V South • Saskatoon, SK • S7M 3E3 •