Prince Albert


Member Services

STR8 UP provides a variety of services to our members in order to assist individuals in achieving their personal goals.

STR8 UP Membership

For STR8 UP members, gangs offered a sense of belonging and protection, and were a means to power, money, and respect. However, gang life also came with a price – the loss of friends or family members, estrangement from children and years of living an exhausting, violent and dysfunctional life. Today STR8 UP members support each other in building the lives they want to lead. Together, they work toward creating a world where they feel loved and respected and contribute positively to their community.

Services we offer

  • Sharing Circles
  • Addiction Supports
  • Housing Supports
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Life skills
  • Educational support

Member Story: Network of support

“STR8 UP was the only community service that never gave up on me. If I was at rock bottom or soaring to heights I never thought imaginable, they walked beside me. They wrapped me in services for my mental health, addictions, employment support, professional development, and personal healing. STR8 UP became my forever family“

Get Involved

If you are looking for support to transform your life and start your healing journey or would like to know more about what we do please call us at (306) 244-1771.