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STR8 UP provides a variety of services to our members in order to assist individuals achieve their personal goals and meet their needs.

This includes advocacy work and outreach, connecting members with community resources, and much more!

Tattoo Removal

STR8 UP works with Mid West Laser, who provides free tattoo removal services to our members.

In particular, our focus is helping members remove tattoos that could be detrimental to their personal safety (former gang symbols, names) or inappropriate based on their career goals and aspirations (face and hand tattoos).


STR8 UP provides outreach services to our members in a variety of areas

  • Advocacy/support in working with other agencies
  • Referrals to other services/agencies
  • Transportation to/from medical appointments, probation meetings, court hearings, etc. based on the individual’s needs and case plan
  • Assisting in times of need – i.e. loss of housing, personal or family conflict, etc.
  • Support for those currently incarcerated and once released including housing, treatment/detox, case planning, etc.


STR8 UP partners with local businesses and services to provide contract and seasonal labour.