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STR8 UP members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Most, but not all are ex-gang members, many have served time in youth, provincial, or federal correctional centres. Many are also proud parents, students and employees. Some serve as youth representatives for National Indigenous organizations, some serve on boards for local community organizations, regularly volunteer their time and are invested in community healing. Currently we have members employed as youth care workers, cultural leaders, tattoo artists, and in skilled trades and services.

We work with a broad range of needs and experiences and coordinate with other community organizations and agencies to provide the best possible support to our members.

We ask that our members adhere to the following conditions and goals:

Drop your colours. Deal with your addictions. Be honest. Be humble. Give four years.

Be a loving parent. Be a faithful partner. Be a responsible citizen.


We see 10,000 little steps as occurring in four phases: decision making, transition, transformation, stabilization. These phases were developed by our members, taking into consideration their lived experiences and the challenges they continue to face in building healthy lives for themselves and their families. Most STR8 UP members fall into the transition phase of this model. We hope that these four phases provide the community (particularly those working in social services and the justice system) a more complete picture of what our members undertake in working to create healthier lives for themselves.

Four members at various stages of their healing paths have shared their powerful stories in these short videos.

Interested in becoming a member of STR8 UP, or want to learn more?

Please connect with Stan, our Intake and Outreach Worker, at (306) 229-8853.