Prince Albert


Our Impact

Our impact is evident in each life transformed and how those lives impact their families and communities. We are creating a positive ripple effect in the city of Saskatoon and the Province of Saskatchewan.

STR8 UP Fundamentally believes that:

  • Communities need to work with people where they are at
  • Recovering gang members must make the decision and accept the responsibility of their personal transformation
  • STR8 UP does not walk in front to lead, or behind to direct, but rather, walks beside to support
  • Transformation is accomplished through relationships of respect, humility, honesty, and forgiveness.

Consistent Support

STR8 UP consistently assists over 400 individuals each year.

Supports for a new life

STR8 UP provides 16,000 supports/services each year to individuals working to leave the gang street criminal lifestyle.

Addiction programs

STR8 UP provides 100 addiction referrals and 1000 addictions supports each year.

Member impact story: Reflection

“The values taught by STR8 UP helped me a lot. Having compassion and patience are two things I still struggle with. But without practice I wouldn’t be sober to this day. My children help me with being humble, even though I see a lot of their struggles, but we do it as a team and that’s what I have learned from being involved in STR8 UP. There is hope in it and I can feel it.”