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STR8 UP assists individuals in mastering their own destiny in liberating themselves from gangs and criminal street lifestyles.


STR8 UP works in the core community in Saskatoon with ex-gang members and their families, to help support individuals as they embark on a healthier path. STR8 UP is a grassroots organization that is driven by our members. We do not walk in front to lead, nor behind to push, we walk beside our members to assist, accompany, encourage and support. We do our best to meet members where they are at and case plan accordingly.


Last year STR8 UP participants completed over 5000 hours of personal skills development and employment training.

Our healing model is key to reducing incidents of incarceration, drug use, and family dysfunction. We work to demonstrate that a healthy alternative to gang life is possible. This alternative works to build hope in our members and create opportunities for positive personal change.


STR8 UP works in four key areas to address the needs of our members and to build community capacity and understanding.


Community and correctional outreach, case planning and advocacy. We also assist members in getting to probation appointments and attending court.


Includes professional development, work readiness programming and literacy skill building.

Personal Development

Develop personal skills and healthy relationships, including with each other. Develop parenting skills and work to strengthen and reunite families. Receive the training and education needed to live a healthy life and develop leadership skills.

Community Education

Presentations, fundraising, seminars, workshops, and our books! Also includes building community awareness and understanding.